Resolving issue with Testflight and CFBundleVersion in Adobe AIR

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If you developing Adobe AIR application for iOS and using Testflight – you may know that each version changes in AIR cause changing release version tag the same as internal developer version. So each updating of your application in Testflight may cause new application review action. This can take extra time that you don’t have and make some pain for developers who want re-upload beta version of app fast.

Important update

Official solution is available on the labs from April, 22th in Adobe AIR and greater.

Adobe fixed this bug internally but release date of it can goes beyond the May or June 2015 in next Major update of Adobe AIR.

Here is temporary hotfix that solve CFBundleVersion issue. Now you can change it separately and manually.

Please note that this is not official solution and final solution may be different from this one. When you receive official release of Adobe AIR SDK please change your project settings according to official documentation.

How to use hotfix

1. Download adt.jar
2. Go to AIRSDK\libs\ and backup old adt.jar
3. Copy hotfixed adt.jar
4. Open your application descriptor XML file and edit InfoAdditions sections like one attached as image:


Add two lines of XML code:

5. Now you can compile your IPA file and upload it to Testflight.

Here is adt.jar file. You must note that it use AIR SDK version from the labs. Another versions of AIR incompatible with this hotfix.

For AIR SDK you may use this adt.jar.


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