Localization of Splash image for iOS in Adobe AIR

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splash_localization_4Loading image (splash) in iOS application can be localized depending from your device language. This feature allows to improve your app quality. This ability is not require any special skills and could be done for a few minutes.


Where to start

1) Create usual splash image with your default file name in appropriate quantity by your splash_localization_5 splash_localization_3 splash_localization_2 splash_localization_1template. I use 3 languages – en, ru, de. For a basic example I will use 3 images. In your case you must create all assets of splashes that you doing usually.

2) Create localization folders (en.lproj, ru.lproj, de.lproj)

3) Each splash image you must place in appropriate folder depending on it language. Want to note that you must use same file name (images above). The difference only in content inside this images

4) Add this 3 folders (en, ru, de) into the project for packaging during compilation

5) We have done!

How to test

Compile and install your app. Execute it and watch for the splash. If you want to see the difference – you must change your device language in the Settings.


Re-run your app again and you will see another splash. iOS selects automatically appropriate splash if your app don’t include device-selected language.

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Localization of Splash image for iOS in Adobe AIR: 2 комментария

  1. Lucien144

    Nice work! Have you tested it for iP5+? Even if I put Default-568h@2x.png to *.lproj folders, the app starts in iP4 resolution. So it looks like the 568h splash is missing. If I check the ipa file, these 568h images are there, so all should be good.

    Any suggestion?


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