FireFox temporarily blocks Flash Player and what to do with this?

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Disclaimer: Sorry for my English. It’s not my primary language.

For the last time we can see again that Flash Player attacked in the news. We will not go into politics with this issues. Partially this was deserved, because Flash Player have problems with safety, as any other software.

But many news in the web extremely inflated in own importance. People, who don’t have such technical skills doing only rewriting and change main message of original news so you can’t get true. Today, on some Russian popular tech website I saw confuse. Author of an article about blocking Flash in FireFox added also Google Chrome. But originally anything about Chrome was not told because it use own Flash Player. When community asked about this author – he changed article title.

The desire to get maximum traffic from knowingly false translations and rewriting of articles creates an explosive effect when it comes from something negative.

2015-07-15_230400All websites consecutive published news about blocked Flash in FireFox. But they changed news importance. They simple removed one word. Mozilla FireFox told that Flash was temporarily blocked. But that temporarily word was removed and this changes whole idea of that news.

Vulnerabilities in Flash Player and other software products

viruses2Let’s pick iOS from Apple. They don’t like to talk about this, but 84% (by Symantec reports from 2014) from all known vulnerabilities was registered in iOS from Apple. By the way – 11% was get Android. And the rest was Windows Phone and etc. Could we say that now we must abandon iOS? No, I can’t because I like iOS and will use it anyway.

Adobe-Debuts-Secure-Sandboxed-Flash-Player-for-Firefox-2The same with Mozilla FireFox. They writing a lot of vulnerabilities in Flash Player when some news come to public. But they forget to inform a lot about the problems in own browser, with dozens vulnerabilities only in a half of 2015. And of course they adding beautiful words, like “give potential hacking ability.” Man! So it is possible to hack or not? Why these double standards was applied?

winvirWe like Windows. We know that Windows most OS that opened to hackers. But we love it and use it. And I don’t know a lot of people who switched to other OS because someone can hack Windows. Few month ago I received Excel price-list that contain macro with a virus. So should I post some news about vulnerabilities in Excel and abandon it? No! I can simple inform the people to be more accuracy when downloading something from wrong websites. But when vulnerabilities come to Flash – some kind of people trying to do own PR hating other products.

edgeWant to say few words about Windows 10 Edge (future brand-new browser). It turns out that he would not support Microsoft Silverlight (that tried to sell Microsoft as a “Flash killer”), but it will include the Adobe Flash Player. Updating of FP will be the same as default system update. So looks like some companies try to embed Flash Player inside own products and another hating it. I will be no surprised if this simple political game that directed against the Mozilla FireFox. But FireFox themselves attached to this game by own self-assumption. At this moment some people told that FireFox rollback own decisions and opens to the community again about Flash. After all, who would not say, but Flash is alive and a lot of online games with real players and huge money want use it and will use anyway.

ESET-NOD32-Antivirus-LogoYou will not believe, but even Nod32 Eset was dangerous. Using antivirus that should protect – hackers could hack! Thanks to God they fixed known vulnerabilities. But they don’t shared this info in a news a lot because this can hit by marketing. But hating others – it’s ok in this area.

fbBy the way! When head of security of Facebook told that he want to know date of Flash death – I asked him a few questions. Some of them received answers. But main one – not. I asked what will do Facebook when they will abandon Flash because It’s the same if you shot into own leg using own hand and Facebook receive huge incoming from games that done in Flash and published to Facebook.

So HTML5 or not?

Problem in that a lot of people like HTML5 but HTML5 don’t like that people. Anyone who hate Flash could say only one – video and audio could work without Flash. I agree at 90% but not always because this is true if we looking on a simple video. But what must doing gamers that like to play online? All that who hate Flash – don’t know that HTML5 is slow and have a lot of issue and most best HTML5 (from technical viewpoint) game could be the same as usual Flash game was in 2005 year. The same code works different in different browsers. Or don’t work. And this in HTML5 that already approved as last html standard.

250px-Dr_Martens,_black,_oldJust imagine this. Someone gave to you a nice pair of boots of 16 size. They a fantastic! Black skin, stitches and etc. You think you can use boots more that one season. But when you dress it – you amazed that left boot is 15 size and other one – 17. But boots have sign that they are 16 sizes.
Welcome! This is HTML5 nowadays!


My minds

speakerWhen someone told me that Flash Player could be dangerous – I’m smiling. Simple example. When you walk at the night by dark street – you can be beaten by bandits. Does this mean you must sitting at home? No! Just don’t walk at the night where is not any light. The same with Flash Player. Some companies want to tell you that you must sitting at home. Exactly this politics they have about Flash Player.

Some of they doing this consciously because they have own application stores and they want to kick you inside that stores. Also another one doing this because today is modern to hate Flash. But they will say nothing about Flash in own application store. I working with Flash Player 17-18 years and last 15 years I’m reading about it’s death “in this year”.


patchedNowadays Adobe released update that works as expected. But, unfortunately authors of news don’t update own articles because in this case they loose ads traffic. They want to see a lot of people on own websites and if they update own news title – they lose visitors because visitors will see only “issue was fixed” and immediately leave news website. I think images of naked celebrities in the Space without helmet could get less views than news about Flash Player vulnerabilities.

Where to download

Download fixed version of Flash Player you can only at official website in Adobe –

Fixing this issue at Adobe was done during 48 hours. The same as Facebook spent own auth issue. Just compare resolving vulnerabilities issue and website auth issue.

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FireFox temporarily blocks Flash Player and what to do with this?: 3 комментария

  1. Filippo Gregoretti

    Haters, haters and haters. It is such an interesting phenomenon. So many people who get thrilled every time they can sentence the death of something. So much spiritual poverty. Pointing fingers instead of working on ourselves, it’s the disease of the century.
    Thank you for the article.
    Your english is beautiful, no need to say sorry.

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