Flash forever, or searching for panacea for all browsers. Trying Swiffy (continue to Firefox news)

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gScfFBFb_400x400Today I want to give a word to my friend. He prepared some proofs about Google Swiffy and he want to describe a problems that was not voiced by Mark Schmidt (Head of Firefox Support) from Firefox because Mark don’t know about games development process (I think so).

My friend is Dmitriy Pyrin and he actually Indie game developer, 2D artist, #ludumDare fan, Focused on #pixelart and #gamedev

Rain is monotonically drizzling outside the window. The mist hanging in the air for last two weeks, has permeated all that is possible. If  i’m opening a window for ventilation just for an hour, furniture becomes unpleasantly damp to the touch, and the skin feels like if covered with a cold sweat…. So I’m trying to keep windows closed if possible, and looking at the world outside through the window.

For the last half of an hour, I’m standing in the kitchen with a mug of tea, and watching on how water mist on the glass collides to form larger drops, which, in turn, smoothly accelerating, rolls down. The larger drop consumes smaller ones in its path, and finally explodes on the waterproofing edge of the window. Hundreds of droplets are forming the small stream, which is breaking down from the windowsill, into the giant puddles which are covering large areas of the yard. These puddles are not absorbed by clay already, and now they will slowly evaporate, fueling clouds. Which will form water dust again… The water cycle, as it is..

The cycle…
Just like situation with Flash Player, which is blocked by browsers block for vulnerability, then unblocked again when fixed, and then blocked again because of new vulnerabilities. And it is impossible to say when it ends…

But what about some simple developer happiness? Happiness to create something new without thinking about the twists and turns of browser development, malevolent hackers searching a new exploit for our my favorite Flash Player and so on…

And recently, Mozilla team announced, that they blocked the flash plugin in Firefox, as reported by the head of browser support Mark Schmidt. It was really bad news, and I was forced to clear the path to happiness at least for myself.

As a man, who wholeheartedly cares for future of Flash plugin, I’ve asked Mark, about the future of browser games. I quote (click to zoom):

tweetHere we are. Well well… a comrade who has assumed the responsibility for the terrorist attack on the flash player offers other ways, maybe he knows something I don’t? So, I’m gonna go find happiness with Google Swiffy.

What we have here?

Open developers.google.com/swiffy/convert/upload and what we can see… “a limit on the file size of 1 megabyte” … hmm…  It’s hard to remember good games which a less than 1 MB in size, and even if they are, they can be counted by a fingers.

Well maybe Google knows better? I’ll have to try anyway.

For the dough I’ll take two of my unfinished games technical demos.
Rendering – using copyPixels, simple Display List, in general, easiest as possible.

I’m not creating anything special, I’d like to try the situation “I have the game, and I want to convert it”.

The first test

Flash version (click to open in a new tab).
2015-07-16_224306Errors generated by Swiffy during conversion (clickable):

gardenerKeyboard input is not supported…

Finally, the Result of conversion using Swiffy (click to open in a new tab).

Since the game is controlled by the keyboard, it even can not be started… we can only see the start screen…  sadly. Probably, using the keyboard for gaming is not honored in Google.

The second test

Once keyboard is a bummer, I’ll take a demo controlled only with the mouse (click to shoot, move mouse to move).

Flash version (click to open in a new tab).


Errors generated by Swiffy during conversion (clickable):mainAlso not going smoothly… filters are not supported, resize, and rotation too.
Well, here’s the Result of conversion using Swiffy (click to open in a new tab).

Better than the first try, but for some reason the canvas is not cleared as planned.. wtf?

I was seriously disappointed by the tests.. seriously. On my opinion, this tool is clearly not designed for games. Maybe, it can be useful for banners but that’s all.. Sadly but true.


dunkyThis was my friend article. Just want to add from myself. Swiffy can provide a great result only in one case – you are doing Flash game from the ground and know how to work with Swiffy. Additionaly you limiting yourself by game genres – forget about keyboard and sound. In other words – you must create your Flash game strictly for Swiffy. But in this case – why you must to use Swiffy if you can develop it from the ground for HTML5 using another tools?

My answer is pretty simple – Swiffy is a good product, but it highly limited and best area to use is a banners and animations. If you thinking as Mark Schmidt that you can simple convert Flash game into HTML5 and play in it – you are wrong. Swiffy is not so great as HTML5 adepts trying to sell it to you.

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Flash forever, or searching for panacea for all browsers. Trying Swiffy (continue to Firefox news): 4 комментария

  1. Gowtham Subbarayan

    Really its a great article. I total agree with you about Swiffy conversion. But what about shumway. Will it convert the swf files as it is to HTML5 and is it work on other browsers than firefox?

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