Adobe doesn’t kill Flash. Or it does?

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html5flashDisclaimer :I’m not native Eng. speaker. A lot of grammar mistakes could be. First days of November 2015 started from sadly news. In a tech blogs we can see appearing of wrong interpretation of Adobe words about that what they want to do with Flash Professional. Actually was said that they want to rename editor Flash Professional CC into Animate CC and improve it for creation multiplatform content. But technically illiterate authors of the articles do not see the difference between the content creation application and content player. Using own stupidity they understand renaming of “Content creation” product as death of another “Content Player” product.

So after this we can see a lot of articles that showing Adobe that allegedly dropped Flash. But this is nothing more than absurd. Adobe don’t said that they stopping Flash development. Moreover they told about planned supporting of capabilities and security stability. They have some partnership with Facebook, Microsoft, Google for some kind of improvements.

This image can describe real situation:


A trick in that you can create HTML5 content early in Flash Professional CC. But technically inexperienced users don’t know about this because “Flash” near Professional confused a lot of people.

In the near future we will receive Animate CC. And supporting of HTML5 doesn’t mean that you can publish ActionScript into JavaScript directly for “without plugin” web. Currently.

So my Dear Friends! Don’t panic. Read news only from Adobe about future of the Flash and not from technically inexperienced writers. Flash don’t die and don’t goes anywhere. Same as Adobe AIR.

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