How important is the Internet in education?

Internet as a large library, new ways of distance learning, the encouragement of reading and writing, the concept of continuing education, among others. Understand the importance of technology and information technology in education, such as interaction, better student perception and increased interest.

Internet is an excellent library

From a certain point of view, the Internet is an excellent library. There we find entire books to consult, technical articles, encyclopedias, dictionaries, educational videos and a wide variety of websites and blogs with the most diverse educational content. If in the past there was a shortage of books and study materials, now the problem is excess. Finding, organizing and enjoying all of this is a challenge for educators and the current school.

New methods of distance learning

The importance of the Internet in education can be seen in the new modalities of teaching, also called EAD - Distance learning. While acceptance of this teaching model is still reluctant, it is undeniable that distance education brings enormous benefits to education as a whole. Some of these benefits can be:
• It allows the return of many students who have left school for lack of time;
• It conducts higher education courses in remote areas, where such courses did not exist;
• The cost of training in the EAD model is much lower than in the traditional model. It is for the student and the school;
• Stimulates self-study and research.

Encourage reading and writing

With a few exceptions, we believe people write a lot more today than before they had access to the Internet. The same goes for reading, although reading on the Internet is different from reading a printed book, for example. Blogs have brought a great benefit to people: reading, researching and writing. Anyone who has a blog has this triple task almost daily.