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Top 3 best video games in 2021

You like video games and you want to experience new games. There are many video games available these days. In this year, there are several video games that will keep you entertained in a healthy...

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How important is the Internet in education?

Internet as a large library, new ways of distance learning, the encouragement of reading and writing, the concept of continuing education, among others. Understand the importance of technology and information technology in education, such as...

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Aviation technology for more efficient aircraft

The aeronautics industry faces a future marked by the development of disruptive aircraft to meet the objectives of reducing pollutant emissions, preserving operating levels and controlling costs. To meet these challenges, current research is focused...

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Technology trends for 2021

There is no denying that 2020 has been a very unusual year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the technology trends for 2021 are a reflection of the digital transformation driven and accelerated by...

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Technological advances induced by the pandemic

It is undeniable that the world we lived in before the novel coronavirus pandemic has changed completely. As habits and needs have changed, the demand for certain types of services has increased. As a result,...