Technology trends for 2021

There is no denying that 2020 has been a very unusual year due to the novel coronavirus pandemic, and the technology trends for 2021 are a reflection of the digital transformation driven and accelerated by the pandemic. Discover some of them in this text.


Companies have never experienced so many attempted invasions and ransomware attacks in 2020. The certainty is that, if they are already sophisticated this year, in 2021 they will be more so. In general, cybersecurity has become relevant in organizations. If a company has 10 employees and they all work remotely, each becomes a potential target for attack. When everyone was inside companies, it was easier to have access control to prevent clicks on malicious links or even to anticipate intrusions.


Taking advantage of the artificial intelligence hook, the GPT-3 is also expected to gain prominence next year. The language model is able to generate texts as if a person had written. The tool is expected to become a commercial product in 2021 and has 175 billion parameters, according to Open AI, an artificial intelligence research lab. To get an idea of the power of GPT-3, it is able to write not only natural language based texts, but also HTML codes. On the other hand, technology still needs adjustment. However, it is expected that GPT-3 could alImenter bots to interact with customers, whether on a website or on social media.

Quantum computing

There is a race, sometimes silent, sometimes not, around quantum computing. China recently announced that it was the second country to achieve quantum supremacy in an article published in the scientific journal Science. Tech companies have entered into several partnerships to use quantum computing to fight the novel coronavirus, as well as to develop vaccines. There are few use cases for the technology, but soon all industries will be able to take advantage of quantum computing to easily and widely view, monitor, analyze, and act on the data they have.