Top 3 best video games in 2021

You like video games and you want to experience new games. There are many video games available these days. In this year, there are several video games that will keep you entertained in a healthy way. Find out in this article the best video games in 2021.

Climbing 2

Artificial reality has improved considerably over the past few years. But most games are still closer to demonstration technology than to everyday practice.

The glimpse of artificial reality that you play makes you want to experiment. This encourages you to climb and leap over peaks and buildings in a climbing experience so realistic it brings tears to your eyes.

World rankings will keep you coming back to the same slopes, risking steep cliffs to shave a second or two off your personal bests.

Hitman 3

The latest instalment in the triumphant 'World of Murder' trilogy is, like its predecessors, impossible to describe without sounding like a sociopath. Yes, it's a murder simulator.

But it's a hilarious murder simulator. By dropping you off on a big map and offering endless ways to hunt and kill a target, the Hitman franchise pushes the player towards a dark comedy.

With assassination opportunities like exploding golf balls or falling moose statues. While it reaches the same heights as the previous two games, HItman 3 also adds new wrinkles to the formula, including a fiendishly clever level that lets you cosplay as a detective in a murder mystery, set in a British country manor.


If you like your video games addictive and hard as nails, don't sleep on this sci-fi shooter about an astronaut. Who crash lands on a hostile alien world and discovers she is caught in a time loop that inevitably ends with her death.

This 'loop' is also the heart of the Return game: no matter how much you explore the planet, shoot aliens and find new equipment, your death will bring you back to the beginning with a weak gun in your hands.